The Eyelash Academy has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. We follow the latest technologies and trying to be unique in what we do.
Our products
are the best quality which leave our costumers and partners 100% satisfied.
Our training
programmes are tailored to suit all levels, from the beginners in eyelash extensions industry to already experience technicians.
1 day training course- £250
Starter kit (if required)- £100
What are eyelash extensions?
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions (which also known as individual eyelash extensions) are eyelashes applied with an adhesive with a strong bond. The technic we using is mink or silk lashes attached individually to your own lashes using non-allergenic glue. We use lashes with different thickness, length and shape chosen to client needs. This lashes are really soft and lightweight. You've got your eyes dressed 24 hours a day!